About Us

We love Earth, even the messy, stinky bits, and we believe good stewardship of our environment can undo most of the harm done by pollution and careless consumption.  We believe that diversifying our energy sources while moving away from reliance on fossil fuels is the primary way to achieve a pollution free Earth with restored ecosystems and happier, more peaceful people.  We suspect, in fact, that when access to energy is not limited by controlling entities and our own ignorance, when it is unlimited and easily available, people will cease fighting over it, and a great and previously unparalleled time of prosperity, a prosperity that enfranchises rich and poor alike, will occur across our planet.  To that end, this website will endeavor to disseminate as much helpful information as possible.

If you or your organization has a story about new energy resources or new ways to use existing sustainable energy, we urge you to publish your story here.